Transducer Wearplates

Durable Wearplates for NDT Transducers.

For contact type NDT transducers and acoustic emission sensors, EBL offers a wide selection of durable wearplate. Our high purity aluminas (Al2O3) feature high hardness and extremely high ultrasonic velocities for acoustically negligible wear protection at frequencies as high as 20MHz. They can be provided with fired silver electrodes on one surface to facilitate transducer assembly.

Transducer Wearplate Technical Data

Material Description Density
Acoustic Velocity
Acoustic Impedance
(mks rayls)
Typical Surface Finish
(ยต inch rms)
Pink Alumina, 96% "Hi Pure" 3.65 9810 approx. 36 2100/9.0 18
White Alumina, 98% "Hi Pure" 3.64 10,020 approx. 36 2100/9.0 16
Onyx Black Alumina, 91% "Hi Pure" 3.65 9850 approx. 36 2100/9.0 20
Maximum Diameter 1.250" unplated, 1.200" Silver one side
Tolerances thickness +- .001" diameter +.000"/-.003"
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